In the gallery "Gondwana" in Alice Springs comprehensive collection of contemporary Aboriginal art in Australia and neighboring countries that once - millions of years ago - were part of a single supercontinent Gondwana. It is no accident gallery was named after the largest continent in the Southern Hemisphere - so Australia emphasizes the connection with the other countries of the Pacific region. Today the gallery is a conduit between different cultures, providing an opportunity for all to shine.

Since its founding in 1990, the gallery is actively promoted the contemporary Aboriginal art, organizing various exhibitions both recognized and emerging artists, as well as implementing educational programs. On the show floor galleries are also often exposed exposure of other artistic and cultural institutions in Australia.

The gallery is working studio where artists involved - from here out some recognized artists such as Dorothy Napangardi. Gallery often arranges for their artists tours in Red Centre of Australia, in places connected by Aboriginal beliefs, the "creation of the world." It was there that many are inspired and are encouraged to be creative. A special department of the gallery was seeking talented Aboriginal artists in remote communities across the country.

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