At 114 km from the town of Tennant Creek (North Territory) located the mysterious reserve "Devil balls" - the accumulation of huge round granite boulders scattered in disarray on a wide, shallow valley. Granite that makes up Devil's Balls, formed millions of years ago by the solidification of magma to the surface. And then, in the case entered the water and the wind for thousands of years is cut out wonderful form stones. Because of the dramatic change in day and night temperatures in Central Australia, boulders expand and contract during the day. Sometimes this leads to the fact that they crumble and even fall apart.

Local natives call these oval boulders "Carla Carla" - dangerous balancing on each other, they are in a sacred place for the indigenous people of Central Australia location. The people of the tribe "kayteti" believe that these boulders - nothing like eggs mystical rainbow serpent progenitor of mankind. With them are related, and other stories about the creation of the world, only part of which the natives can tell the uninitiated. Despite the fact that over time, many ceremonies and rituals associated with the devil balls are lost, this place is still of great importance to Aboriginal and is considered one of the oldest religious sites in the world.

In 1953, one of the Devil Balls was taken to Alice Springs to create a monument to the memory of John Flynn, founder of the Royal Service "The Flying Doctor". Then it was thought that it would perpetuate his relationship with the Australian outback, but later developed serious debate on this issue, because the stone was taken from the sacred Aboriginal site without their permission. Only in the late 1990s, the stone cleaned and returned to its original place. And the grave like Flynn set, donated by people from the tribe of "arrernte."

In 2008, the Service Guard Parks and Wildlife Service Northern Territory State regained the territory of "Devil balls" into the possession of the indigenous inhabitants of these places, but the reserve is managed jointly by the Service and representatives of Aboriginal communities.

Today the reserve all year visited by thousands of tourists due to its affordability and well-developed infrastructure: laid across several hiking trails with informational panels, organized picnic areas. From May to October, the park rangers organize different events and performances, which attract visitors from all over the country and other parts of the world.

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