Australian Aboriginal cultural center in the town of Alice Springs, was established aboriginal tribe "arrernte." Exposition center on the life of the indigenous inhabitants of Australia, located in the small intimate museum. Here you can learn about Aboriginal life from the moment of first contact with Europeans, get to know their art, try to play on the traditional musical instrument "didgeridoo" and buy hand-made souvenirs. You can also book a tour of the city and its surroundings, accompanied by an Aboriginal guide to more fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Red Centre of the country. Fully managed the indigenous communities of Australia, Cultural Center - obligatory point for visits to all those interested in Aboriginal culture.

 For nearly 40,000 years where today stands Alice Springs, was a meeting place for Aborigines, where they exchanged objects of everyday life, knowledge, created with art and culture. And these traditions are still alive - they can be seen in a unique center that supports the unique way of life of indigenous Australians. Community itself tribe "arrernte" is based 80 kilometers south of the city, and the center was established to provide Aboriginal employment, development of infrastructure and the provision of housing. Today, more than 100 representatives of the tribe on a permanent basis with the center - draw pictures, create crafts, souvenirs and other goods.

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