National Wine Centre of Australia (or "Wine Center") - is an amazing museum of wine and winemaking in South Australia, which represents more than 10,000 different varieties of local wine! You can not only learn about the history and technology of making wine (from harvesting to bottling), but also to try different varieties of Australian wines and compare the taste.

 Permanent interactive tour "Wine research expedition" willingly uses modern technology, for example, about the history of winemaking visitors will tell hologram famous Australian winemakers. From this tour you can also find out what makes Australian wines so unique.

 In addition to stunning wine collection deserves attention and the building of the Wine Centre - it is made in the form of boxes for bottles. All around the building hovering vines - 7 major species of which make Australian wine.

 At the center, of course, the wine can not only taste, but also buy a couple of bottles. This is a paradise for collectors. Wines are constantly updated to show all the most complete variety of products from different regions of the country.

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