Adelaide Zoo (Adelaide Zoo), founded in 1883 - one of the oldest zoos in Australia. Today, in an area of ​​8 hectares can be seen nearly 300 species of native and exotic animals (over 1800 individuals), including rare - such as the Sumatran tiger. Animals united on the principle of similarity of conditions of their habitat and are in near-natural conditions. Moreover, the management of the zoo tries wherever possible to do without grilles - instead they use glass or natural barriers. So, baboons live on the plateau surrounded by artificial rocks with large windows for spectators. And the tiger has a private pool with a waterfall, own a piece of jungle and rock for an afternoon rest. In addition, there are natural for animals maintained social groups: paired animals live in pairs, ungulates - small herds, primates - the families, the Lions - Pride.

 Much here and all kinds of birds, but of particular interest is the exposure of flamingos, which opened in 1885. Originally there were 10 birds, but most of them died during the drought of 1915. Today in the exhibition one can see two flamingos, which are more than 70 years! But, perhaps, popular with the public are the two giant pandas - Wang Wang and Funi, who in 2009, the zoo is 9 years passed, the PRC government. A zoo in the Botanical Garden is growing Ficus macrophylla, planted back in 1877!

 Lovers of architecture will certainly not disregard the zoo buildings, some of which has been listed as National Heritage Australia - for example, former House Elephant (Elephat House). And one more interesting detail - the zoo is working on a nonprofit basis.

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