Center for the Study of Aboriginal culture "Tandanya" - a unique place for those who want to get to know and experience the unique culture of the indigenous people of Australia.

"Tandanya" natives called the area on which to build Adelaide and where they lived and conducted their rituals for millennia.

The center was founded in 1989, and today it is the oldest in Australia, Aboriginal cultural center, staffed only by indigenous peoples. In the halls of "Tandanya" featuring the work of both beginners and internationally recognized artists. Also, you can hear the game on an ancient wind instrument - didzhiridu, which is a two-meter wooden or bamboo tube, and to know what the ritual significance certain sounds. Colorful performances with ritual dance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through body language to tell about the life of local tribes.

In the gift shop you can not only buy Australian Aboriginal artefacts, but also to learn first hand about their sacred values. Well, in a local coffee shop just need to enjoy traditional cuisine of the Australian Aborigines. Not far from the "Tandanya" is Raymill Park.

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 Today, the museum building with a huge whale skeleton in the window is one of the business cards of Adelaide.

On the sixth floor of the museum, located on the north terrace, exposition, involving a variety of hand history. For example, the museum has a huge - more than three thousand pieces! - A collection of artifacts from Papua New Guinea and Oceania. Famous museum and a huge number of works by artists, indigenous people of Australia and the Pacific Basin. But, strangely enough, one of the most popular among the visitors of places - a room devoted to the ancient Egyptian culture.

There is a museum and an exhibition introducing the local fauna, including the extinct animals of Australia, such as the Tasmanian tiger. Here you can also see a gallery of minerals, meteorites, various fossils, and learn about the history of fossil fuels.

In the world of the South Australian Museum is not only famous for its outstanding collection of exhibits, collected by more than 150 years, but also for its advanced research. Entrance to the museum is free.

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