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Mirabell Palace

Written by Administrator

Posted on 28.07.12

Last Updated 28.07.12



This Salzburg Palace is the most beautiful in Austria, and it is called "the palace of love." This palace was built at the initiative of the Salzburg Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raytenau and presented to the object of love of the priest - Viola Straw. Later she gave birth to the Archbishop of 15 children, 10 of whom survived, but the heirs were not. After the death of von Raytenau Straw drove from the palace of a relative of the priest, too, the archbishop, and gave the name of the castle Mirabell, to forget the shame of his cousin.
Since then, the Mirabell Palace became the residence of the high priests, and so continued for more than 200 years old. And each of them is attached to the lock an element, resulting in a magnificent architectural ensemble was born, which, unfortunately, did not spare element - at the beginning of the XIX century. Mirabell Palace was burnt down. The Habsburgs were sent to restore his own architect, and he created from scratch Castle, has come down to our days. From the original castle remained a unique wedding Marble Hall, a Gothic church and the main staircase.
Located next to the Palace Park, itself a landmark, which is called the Garden of Mirabell. The park offers two marble lions, which are entrusted to them are protected by a magnificent fountain, which opens the way to the Garden of curious dwarfs, a maze and an outdoor theater.

Mirabell Palace 1

Mirabell Palace 2

Mirabell Palace 3

Boulevard Ring

Written by Administrator

Posted on 05.07.12

Last Updated 05.07.12


Boulevard Ring

It happened at Christmas 1857. More peaceful burghers indulged in bed, inhaling the fragrance of fir needles and candles, and anticipating the joy of breakfast and morning newspaper, unaware of the fact that on the first page, it printed a decree of Kaiser Franz Iosofa the demolition of the ramparts, hitherto surrounded the city center. The purpose of this action - to give a more representative character of the capital, together with the core of Vienna suburbs."Ring" means "ring", but in fact, this avenue has a horseshoe shape, the sides of which go to the "tamed" Danube - "Danube Canal" (due to frequent floods in the years 1870-75 the channel of the Danube in the city was settled) . Certain parts of the Ringstrasse are their names: Parkring, Shubertring, Kerntnerring and so on. One possibility to reach eye panorama of the Ring - a trip on the tram, "1" or "2", plying on the route Ring - Kai (quay) - The Ring.
In the building of the boulevard were many architects, who sought to outdo each other in originality. The result is a conglomeration of different styles, once criticized as "a stylistic hodgepodge," over the years, however, asserted itself as its own "ring shtrassenstil" - Art History is replete with such examples. In the ring you will see many interesting buildings, we draw your attention to the most significant of them. Neo-Gothic Rathaus - Vienna City Hall - built in the years 1872-83 by Friedrich von Schmidt, the builder of the cathedral. Its central tower surmounted by a "town hall iron men", who became one of the symbols of Vienna. Prior to City Hall Park, decorated with fountains and sculptures of prominent Austrians, including Johann Strauss, father and Josef Lanner. Since November, the area in front of City Hall is decorated with a huge Christmas tree, Christmas market dominance, which entertained young and old. In summer the area is transformed into an outdoor theater, where the arts festivals, circus acts. Arranged around the souvenir stalls and different fare - crowns and guests receive the bread and circuses. Parliament (1873-83) built Dane Theophile Hansen. The architect for many years spent in Athens, which inspired him to draft in the Greek style. In front of a fountain with a statue of Pallas Athena.

Light Ring - his parks. The most popular - Stadtpark - City Park, which opened in 1862. Among the many monuments that adorn the park - a monument to the king of waltz Johann Strauss (the sculptor Edmund Helmer, 1923). On summer evenings in the park a band, and you can forget yourself in a crazy whirlwind of a charming sounds familiar since childhood music ... The oldest park of the Ring - Burggarten (1820), which is a continuation of the Hofburg. Its main adornment - a monument to Mozart (1896) by Victor Tilgnera. Volksgarten charming, National Park, in the Italian style. In the middle of the park called the Temple of Theseus, a copy of a Greek temple, built by architect Pietro Nobile for sculpture What are "Theseus slaying the Minotaur," which is now in the Kunsthistorisches Museum. In Folksgartene forever dreaming marble Empress Elizabeth. The proximity of the temple of Theseus reminds her of a favorite Greek ...
Walking in Vienna in its central part, you will certainly notice the building with a lacy golden dome. Interested in its history. In 1861, the Vienna Fellowship was founded by artists who gathered at the House of Artists, who served as a showroom. In 1898, nineteen artists who, like the Wanderers, disagreed with the conservative tendencies, then dominated in the fine arts, left the Association and the Society of Artists was founded under the motto: "Time - his art, the art - his freedom." Head of the "secessionists", "apostates", was Gustav Klimt. That same year, an outstanding representative of the "secessionists" Joseph Marie Olbrmh designed showroom, which became known as the "Secession". At the opening ceremony was attended by Franz Joseph.
SecessionIn 1985-86 the building was renovated. Funds for the gilt bronze dome of laurel leaves, then donated the U.S. ambassador to Austria, Ronald Lauder. During restoration, a new hall, which is now on display frieze by Gustav Klimt - artistic vision of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.In 1998, the year of the century "Secession", crowns, and many visitors to the capital experienced the shock of the new appearance of the building - from the snow-white, it turned into red. Fortunately, this metamorphosis is effected by the Swiss artist Markus Geiger, did not last long, and soon appeared again in the facades of the original white.





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