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Odessa Zoo

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 13 November 2011

Last Updated 13 November 2011

Odessa Zoo
The idea of ​​creating a zoo in Odessa came on the eve of the centennial of the city, in 1889, when the drawing was made and a plan of "Menagerie on the cliff outside the Police," but to realize this plan failed.
The next step is to create a zoo was taken in 1914 - created the project it was built in the Botanical Garden, approved by the City Council, but the outbreak of first world, and then civil war prevented these plans.
It was only in 1922, construction began on a zoo in Odessa on the Promenade, near the lower garden Vorontsov Palace.
The main merit in organizing the first zoo in Odessa owned by one of the energetic leaders of society "Yugoklimat" Henry Vladimirovich Beizert
Despite the hard work - grottoes were built for the lions, bears and tigers, swimming pools for the birds hill for mountain goats - in the activities of the zoo was a lot of problems. It's like a lack of funding, and virtually unusable territory for the satisfactory placement of the animals. City authorities decided to close the zoo.

In December 1927, was declared the All-Union competition for the design of the zoo in Odessa. As many as three projects were accepted as a basis for building the future of the zoo. Construction of the road zoo in Arcadia was begun in 1929 on the said territory in Arcadia were in full swing and survey work - were carried out landscaping, built a dam on the main avenue, started nasypke "Caucasus Mountains". City officials planned to introduce part of the zoo in operation during the 1930 Society "Yugoklimat" has gathered a collection of animals for the future of the zoo. But this project was not implemented. About him like just to keep the name adjacent streets - zoos.
Despite all the difficulties, GV Beizert tirelessly continued to operate. In 1933, he entrusted management department of the 4th goszverintsa on Privoz. The institution itself belonged to the State Circus, who a few years are a menagerie of gorsadu, and then in Privoz.
At this time in Odessa by the decision of municipal authorities abolished I - th Christian cemetery. In the late 30s in the former cemetery appeared Illich Park and Zoo. However, the only archival document confirming the opening of the zoo in a new place on the street. Novoschepnoy number 25 was the report of the zoo director on the executive committee of G. Beizert Illichivsk Workers District Council of March 16, 1945, in which he wrote that "Odessa zoo was established in the territory of the Illichivsk Park in 1937", with no budget, and "worked on self-supporting. " The opening of the zoo visitors was held in 1938 at this location in the city center, near the famous "We bring 'zoo is to this day.

In 1992, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the nature reserve" zoo acquired the status of protected area of ​​national importance and became part of the natural reserve fund of Ukraine.

Odessa zoo collection includes 153 species and includes 720 copies. At the zoo operates aquaterrarium.
In Odessa zoo contains rare species listed in the Red Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the European Red List and Red Data Book of Ukraine - 24 species. Many of them have successfully propagated. These are: the Amur leopard, the Przewalski horse, Turkmen kulan, the European mouflon, baboons, gamadrily, brown bears, prairie cranes, falcons, Saker, owls, and more. etc.

Scientific specialization zoo: "Rare and endangered animals of south of Ukraine." It was created only in Ukraine nursery on keeping and breeding of birds of prey and owls. Grown in a nursery-saker falcons return to nature by replanting in the nests of wild birds.

Possession of Wildlife defines the uniqueness of zoos. That's zoos are places of rescue rare and endangered species - in fact in our time of high technology and global computerization people less and less room is left of wild nature and animals.

Mum Wendy, dad and baby elephant Tarun
Odessa Zoo - the only in Ukraine, where he successfully bred Indian elephants, which have become proud parents of three elephants.
In 1992, the happy couple was born the first baby elephant. Toddler Elephant named Shem, he is known by the name of an artist and became Fantik European circus. Vykormlen her adoptive mother artificially - zav.sektsiey predatory animals and Proboscidea Popova, LN
In 1998 a girl was born, a baby elephant weighing about 90 kg, she was named Tandy, now she lives in Kharkov zoo.
October 17th, 2004 at Tarun and Wendy was born on third elephant, who was named Duke.

Mom Linda and kittens
Jan and Java
A few years undermining the Odessa zoo born offspring of the rare animals - Amur leopards and snow leopards in Russian. They live in the Far East. Amur leopard is one of the most beautiful and rare cats of the world fauna. In nature, these animals have no more than 40 individuals, and they are protected by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
Black cats and Amur leopards John came into the world of Java Mama Linda June 21, 2006. Their unusual color is not similar to the parent, is associated with an increased content in the body of black pigment melanin.

Odessa zoo - not only a center for conservation and breeding of wild animals. Particular attention is paid to issues of education, environmental education of youth. For children and school staff the zoo are regularly conducted environmental festivals, which have become traditional and loved kids.
Christmas Carols - January 9
World Day of wetlands - the first Sunday in February
Spring Festival of birds - the last Sunday in March
Zooyumorina - April 1
Holiday bloom - the second Sunday in May
International Children's Day - June 1
World Environment Day - June 5
Celebration Baby Zoo - June 28
Independence Day - August 24
The Day of Knowledge - September 1
City Day - September 2
Zoo Day - second Sunday in September
Christmas Holidays - December 26
World Biodiversity Day - December 29

Animal Protection Day - first Sunday in October
Autumn Festival of Birds - the second Sunday in October
Zinovy-sinichnik - the second Sunday in November

Ukraine - Odessa

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