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Fortress in Belgorod-Dniester

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 17 November 2011

Last Updated 17 November 2011

Fortress in Belgorod-Dniester

Odesa City is one of the most ancient, because it has built our Cimmerians about the VI century AD. Then it was called Ofiusom. It was the policy. Subsequently, the settlement was renamed in Tyre. It is said that this city has become a haven for the Roman poet Ovid, exiled (one of the towers of the fortress is called "The Tower of Ovid's").

Belgorod-Dniester krepostOboronnye structures appeared to protect against constant attacks of the Scythians. However, fatal to the majestic city was ready to attack in 238. Centuries passed, and already on the ruins of once majestic Tyra Slavs erected Belgorod. Almost every name of this city means - white, because it was built of white stone-cherepashnika, white limestone.

The city was in possession of the same State, under the leadership of people of different nationalities. This Bulgarians, Russian princes, and treacherous Genoese merchants. Tyranny of the past tradesmen could not stand it, and eventually joined forces, they were driven out. The city became free, but in order to be able to assert their independence from the attackers, bolgorodtsy began construction of a fortress.

Belgorod-Dniester krepostV end of the XIV century the town became part of Moldavia and even became the capital of Lower Moldavia, again changing the name. This time it was called Chetaya-Albe, which in translation - "the white fortress." Erection outpost lasted until early 1400. Unfortunately this urban fortifications not only frightened by its grandeur, but also incredible beauty attracted enemies. From year to year bedgorodtsy were forced to defend his city.

Since 1420 Belgorod took a fancy to the Turkish Sultan Bajazet II. After three unsuccessful attempts by the sultan took care budzhatskuyu and the Crimean Horde (the Crimean Khan Mengli Giray). So in 1848, took a bloody, brutal battle. Belgorod defended valiantly. But forces were unequal, because the attackers army numbered about 350,000 soldiers. The Turks conquered the city, which named Akerman - "white stone." And that does not meet resistance sultan decided to exterminate the population of Belgorod. Statistics striking - from 20 thousand of its inhabitants survived about 200 families.

Belgorod-Dniester krepostNo Turks had no peace in a foreign city. The Cossacks of the Zaporozhian Sich regularly carried out raids on Ackerman.

Since 1812 White City belongs to the Russian Empire (agreement in accordance with the Bucharest this territory from the Dniester to the Danube surrendered to Russia.)

The complex history of the city left a mark on the form, size fortification, which was built over two hundred years. This building is located about 8 acres on the rocky shore of the Dniester estuary. The thickness of the walls about five feet, and the slowness - more than 2 kilometers.
The Click It consists of 26 building towers (from other sources - 34), and each - with unique architecture. Around the castle moat was dug chotyrnadtsatimetrovoy width and, if necessary, it was filled with water. Through to the main entrance - Killiyskih gate - was thrown a drawbridge. The interior walls divide the fortress on the 4 houses. The first was called the Civil Court. That it hid the local population during the siege. Also at the yard was a mosque and there is evidence that somewhere in the XIII century - the Christian Church. From this courtyard a path leads to the garrison that housed the barracks, stables and storehouses for ammunition.

The oldest building (which survives to this day) of Belgorod castle complex is the Citadel (also called the Genoese castle). It was built in XIII century. They lived mainly in the Citadel officials, superintendents of the castle. As he built four corners of the tower, each of them performed some separate function. Go from one emergency exit, which could escape from the fortress, and the other served as a prison, was also a tower, which holds valuable property, money, gold. The main tower was what was called the Executive.

Belgorod-Dniester krepostParadoks, but a mighty fortress suffered the greatest damage was not in combat, shooting, and in peacetime. What has not been able to storm the most powerful gun, slowly but surely destroy the human indifference.

In 1832 the fort was removed from the roster of defense structures. Therefore, any work carried out there, "collectors" piece by piece stretched it to business needs. However, in 1896, it nevertheless declared of historical and architectural landmark.


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