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Tsar Cannon in Moscow

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 28 July 2011

Tsar Cannon in Moscow - one of the sights of the Kremlin. This is a powerful tool, located at the Ivanovo area, is a monument of Russian artillery. The largest in size in the world, it has become a monument of Foundry.

From the history of Tsar Cannon in Moscow

Tsar Cannon in Moscow, was cast in the Cannon yard in 1586 during the reign of Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich Russian master Andrei Chokhov. Create tools for the defense of the Kremlin and, therefore, was installed on timber flooring (thunder) on Red Square, near the Place of Skulls. Brought her here for 200 horses, taschivshih tool for logs. To move it in the trunk on each side arranged in four staples to attach the ropes. Later, wooden peal, on which stood a gun, replaced the stone. As a Pole, wrote Samuel Mackiewicz "In the Russian capital is a great tool. Is so big that Polish soldiers are hiding inside it from the rain ... "Later gun was in different places of the Kremlin. And when it was built by the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, it was moved to Ivanovo to the cathedral square of the Twelve Apostles. Although it is believed that this is a formidable weapon intended to defend the Kremlin, many researchers believe that it is unlikely this would have coped. These tools are used only for the destruction of the walls.

Description Tsar Cannon in Moscow

Now is a powerful tool for decorative cast-iron gun-carriage, and the next are hollow core decorative cast-iron weight of 1.97 tons, cast in 1835 (to fire a weapon such kernels can not). Cast bronze cannon, cast-iron gun-carriage. In the vent on the right side shows on horseback Fedor in a crown and a scepter in his hand. Above the picture the inscription: "God's grace King, Grand Duke, Fyodor Ivanovich, Tsar Autocrat of All the Great of Russia." In one version of the image by Fyodor Ivanovich, Tsar Cannon and got its name. According to another version, so it is called because of its large size. Also, an instrument called the "Russian Shotgun" because it was designed to fire "fractions" (grape).

Length of gun - 5,34 m, the outer diameter of the barrel - 120 cm Caliber - 890 mm. Weight - 39.31 tons. On the left side is the inscription: "Made gun gun litets Ondrej Chokhov." Some experts believe that the great gun never fired, but it was made in order to frighten foreigners, including the ambassadors of the Crimean Tatars. The survey instrument in 1980 at the Artillery Academy. Dzerzhinsky showed that the Tsar Cannon - is designed to bombard and fire stone cores. Weight rocky core was about 819 kg, and the iron core of this caliber weighs 1970 kg. The study showed the presence of a channel particle gun powder. This means that the famous instrument at least once fired.

Copies of the Tsar Cannon

In spring 2001, commissioned by the Moscow government in Udmurtia was manufactured copy of the famous cast-iron guns. Its weight was 42 tonnes, the weight of the core - 1.2 m. The diameter of the barrel - 890 mm. This copy was presented to the Ukrainian city of Donetsk.

In 2007 the shipyard was Butyakovskom cast copy of an instrument for Yoshkar-Ola. It is set close to the Paintings Gallery.

The Museum of equipment in the open air of "MZ" presented Perm Tsar Cannon. This is the world's largest cast-iron cannon. The gun made in 1868 by order of the Maritime Ministry and is fighting. When it was done 314 test shots and kernels bombs range of up to 1.2 km. The gun was designed to Kronstadt to protect St. Petersburg from the sea.

Many a child had heard about the famous gun-giant in the Kremlin, but his greatness when considering the "life" is impressive. And although the largest in size and weight is a German howitzer "Dora" caliber of 800 mm and weighing 1,350 tonnes, the Tsar Cannon in Moscow, entered the Guinness book as the most large-caliber gun.

Царь-пушка, Москва - Москва, Россия.

Знаменитая Царь-пушка - гордость музейной артиллерийской коллекции

Russia - Moscow

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