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Spassky Tower of Moscow Kremlin

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 28 July 2011

Спасская башня. Фотография. Москва. Кремль. Спасская башня.Spassky Tower of Moscow Kremlin

Everyone who has ever visited the Russian capital Moscow and its very center - Red Square, the famous and admired the Spassky Tower of Moscow Kremlin.

From the history of the Saviour's Tower of the Moscow Kremlin

In 1491 when Prince Ivan III to strengthen the north-east of the city was built Spassky tower. Construction by the architect Pietro Antonio Solari. At first it was called Frolovskaya by the name of the church in the name of the holy martyrs Frola and Lavra, located nearby. Building was two times lower than now. Tiered top and a stone dome in the Gothic style were built much later - in 1624-1625 years. English architect Christopher Galoveem and Russian master Bazhen Ogurtsov. Decree of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich April 16, 1658 the tower was renamed the Saviour. This name it got because it was a road through to the Holy Temple of Smolensk. It is believed that the name she received in honor of the icon Savior placed over the gates of the Red Square.

Spassky Gate - the most important of the Kremlin gates. Men took off hats before the Savior of the Red Square. Through them it was impossible to pass on horseback. According to legend, when Napoleon passed through this gate, the wind tore off his cocked hat. All the kings before the coronation took place through these gates. The soldiers went away for the decisive battle. In Soviet times, the gate used to enter vehicles. But for the convenience of tourists in the mid 90s of last century they were closed. Now they are open very rarely, in exceptional cases. Thus, they can be opened for the passage of a tuple of the president during his inauguration or to spend the Christmas tree.

Spassky tower - a square at the base and has 10 floors. Her height - 71 meters. In the mid-17th century it was placed the figure of the eagle - the emblem of Russia. Experts believed that the image of the Savior on its gates permanently lost. Presumably in 1937, the year anniversary of the revolution, the icon of the Savior, as well as other images of the gate was bricked up. But recently, it was found. At the initiative of Andrew June 29, 2010 specialists began its restoration. Icon well preserved. Her story is dedicated to ridding Moscow from the invasion of Khan Mehmed Giray. Then, in 1521, Saint Sergius and Barlaam asked Our Lady for intercession with God. And Mehmet Giray retreated. Icon of suffering and the fire and during the war with Napoleon. After the restoration will take its restoration.

Clock and chimes of the Spassky Tower of Moscow Kremlin

The first clock on the Spassky tower were installed in 1491. Further, they have repeatedly changed and restored. For example, in 1625 under the leadership of the English master Christopher Galoveya made new ones that played music. In 1705 on the orders of Peter I watch have been remodeled along German lines with the dial at 12 o'clock. In 1851-1852 years. brothers Nicholas and Ivan set on 8-10 Budenop tiers of bells, alternately performing "March of the Transfiguration of the Regiment" and the hymn "Glorious our Lord in Zion" by Dmitri Bortniansky. These tunes were heard before 1917. In 1920 he was selected to tune horologe International.

In 1999, the arrows and numbers gold. The chimes were to perform the national anthem of Russia. The height of the Roman numerals hours of 0.72 meters. Length-clockwise - 2.97 m min - 3.27 pm Hours are got by three electric motors. Stroke by using a hammer connected to a mechanism and a bell. The dials have a diameter of 6.12 meters and face the four directions.

Star of the Spassky Tower of Moscow Kremlin

In 1935, the Imperial eagle on the Spassky tower was replaced by first five-pointed star - the symbol of the Soviet era. It was a copper, coated with gold and gems of the Urals. After 2 years, it has replaced the star ruby. The first star is now crowned by the spire of the North River Station. Wingspan of a new star is 3.75 meters. This is slightly less than the first. Inside the star clock is lit lamp capacity of 5,000 watts.


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