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Red Square in Moscow

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 27 July 2011

Red Square in Moscow - a favorite place in the capital not only visitors, but the Muscovites. It is a symbol of the city, its heart. Its appearance reflects the whole history of Russia.

From the history of Red Square in Moscow

In 1493, by decree of Ivan III around the Kremlin removed all the wooden buildings, so there was no fire. And to trade near the east wall there was space that was called Commerce or tender. Also, it was called the fires due to frequently occurring fires here. In the 16th century Red Square was called the Trinity, the name of Trinity Church, situated in the southern area. In the years 1508-1516 along the Kremlin wall for defensive purposes was dug trench width of more than 36 m and 10 m deep, which filled with water. In the 17th century the moat was built bridges to Nikolski and Spassky Gate. The area became known as the Red, which means beautiful. Gradually, the Red Square in Moscow is not only trade but also the political center.

Red Square in Moscow - Sights and tourist information

Red Square in Moscow has always been a crowded place. And construction on it was carried out as to justify its name - Beautiful. After the conquest of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible in 1555-1560's Khanate in the southern area of ​​Russian architects Barma and Postnik built Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin on the Moat. In 1588, it built an altar over the tomb of an extra fool Basil. And the church was called St. Basil's Cathedral. The cathedral is rebuilt in the 17th century. Now we see the church as one of nine churches on the ground. This is one of the main attractions of the capital.

It also preserved the place of execution, built in the mid-16th century. Previously, it was wooden and it filled the royal decrees. To carry out executions established a special design. Later, the place of execution was a stone.

When in 1605-1615 was won victory over Polish invaders, at the expense of the royal family was built by the Kazan Cathedral. Under the leadership of a talented architect P. Baranowski cathedral was rebuilt in 1925-1933 years. At the time of the struggle against religion temple was destroyed. By architect OI Zhurin, a student of PD Baranovsky, in 1990-1993. by means of the people and Government of Moscow's Cathedral has been restored. On November 4, Day of Our Lady of Kazan icon was consecrated by His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II. In the place of what is now the Historical Museum, in the 17th century were built by the Mint and the main pharmacy.

By the architect Giacomo Quarenghi in 1786 along the ditch were built Shopping Arcade. Later, the area paved with cobblestones. During the War of 1812 Trade lines were destroyed. And the 19th century was a time of intensive development area. Under the guidance of architect O. Bove building Trading Rows were restored in the form of an elongated horizontally through form to the arcade. And in front of the monument to Minin and Dmitry K. Pozharsky made I. Martos. In the northern part of the area in 1875 - 1881 gg. by the architect V. Sherwood constructed building of the Historical Museum. And later, in 1889 - 1893 gg., There was the present building of GUM - Top Shopping Streets, designed by A. Pomerantsev.

After the 1917 revolution name of the area associated with the victory of the "red" and the Red Square and the Kremlin have become symbols of the revolution. After the death of VI Lenin in 1924 was built the mausoleum. First it was wooden, and later by the architect A. Shchusev was rebuilt in marble. In the 1930s, were built of granite platform, and around the Kremlin wall, planted spruce. The monument to Minin and Pozharsky was postponed. Coating of gravel has been replaced with pavement.

In 1990, the complex of the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square were included in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Therefore, major modifications in the guise of historical sites from this time should not be. Historians hope that the work performed to restore the Iberian Gate and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan in the early 90 years should be the last.

Unfortunately, sometimes here in the heart of our homeland, are activities which are not intended to historic sites. So for the past on Vasilevsky descent phase of World Cup motofristaylu was delivered 250 trucks of sand. Because of the dust was flying in the wind renovated St. Basil's Cathedral and the inside of it.

Travel may be useful the following information. Red Square is open for tourists around the clock. In some cases, when preparing for the big holiday, a visit to its close. Plan to overhaul blocks. Her replacement will be done in parts. Area for the guests will not be closed. In recent years, the winter near the GUM fill the rink. Its size reaches 3 million square meters (about one-fourth of the Red Square) and it holds up to 500 people. Working clothes, skate rental. Organized a meeting of the New Year. During the holidays are the famous artists.

Red Square in Moscow - May 9 parade

Since 1918 there have been held parades and demonstrations of workers. Hence, November 7 1941goda our soldiers went to the front. June 24, 1945 on Red Square in Moscow Victory Parade was held.

Particularly the solemn was a parade on Red Square on May 9, 2010. By area, were about 10.5 thousand Russian soldiers and almost a thousand foreign troops from the CIS, Poland and Great Britain, France and the United States. Drove 161 pieces of military equipment, and in the skies over Moscow flew 127 planes and helicopters. Passing on the Red Square parade in Moscow has always attracted the attention of Muscovites and guests of all Russians. However, from military equipment suffers cobbles of Red Square. In 2010, it is planned to start repairs.

Красная площадь в Москве

Красная площадь в Москве не раз становилась свидетелем судьбоносных

Москва Златоглавая, Красная площадь.

Красная площадь в новогоднюю ночь будет открыта для москвичей и гостей

Красная площадь - Москва - Россия - Red Square - Lenin.

Russia - Moscow

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