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Bernardine monastery

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 18 July 2011

In the eighth his visit to the city I saw the monastery complex and was extremely impressed by them. Fairytale gloom of the church of St. Andrew's as if I suffered in the early 17th century, and many big-sculptures on the roof, further increased it's a fantastic feeling. How did it earlier this beauty walked past me?

Монастырь Бернардинцев

Bernardine monastery complex in 2010

Монастырь Бернардинцев

Bernardine monastery in the first half of the nineteenth century. (artist Carol Auer)

This is the only monument of Lviv, which brought me to the pages of works of Umberto Eco. He turned my idea of Lviv. Having been to Lviv to Krakow, I thought for a long time, these cities with some clones of the Polish society of the principles of town planning. Having the opportunity to even touch the decrepit stones Lvov - Krakow's walls, I still saw everything as through a television screen. Do not feel ... And only the Bernardine monastery complex made ​​me finally see the Lviv.

Монастырь Бернардинцев

Bernardine monastery in the early twentieth century postcard.

Former Bernardine Monastery is located in an area which is now called the Cathedral. Once she was called Bernardine. Getting to the monastery is very simple - the Town Hall here is Serbian street.

Now chief of the former monastery church - the Church of St. Andrew - a believer belongs to the Greek Catholics. And this was once a major center of the Roman Catholic Order of Bernardine in Ukraine. It is interesting that in Europe there were two orders of Bernardine. In Western Europe it was a former Cistercian Order, which was renamed in honor of Bernard of Clairvaux. This religious leader was still living in the 12th century. He was an active promoter of the Crusades, and participated in the creation of spiritual chivalry of the Temple, actively fought the heretics. And here in Poland and Lithuania the Order of the Grand Bernardin was named branch of the Franciscan Order, Franciscans, namely observantov. The members of this order were rather strict rules: do not have the right to own property and capital, were engaged in prohatstvom. For external strict asceticism Franciscan-observantov very respected. One of the most famous representatives of this order was Bernardine of Siena. This renowned preacher died in 1444, and in 1450 he canonized m. And after three years of the Polish king Casimir IV was built for the Franciscans Jagiellonians-observantov church in honor of Bernardin of Siena. Since then, the Order in Poland, was named Bernardine.

Монастырь Бернардинцев

Монастырь Бернардинцев

Монастырь Бернардинцев

Church of the Holy Andrіya

Bernardine monastery in Lviv in 1460, he founded the Lviv mayor Andrew Ondrovonzh. Within three years after the founding of the monastery settled a well-known at the time of the preacher Ian Dukla. In 1484 he died and was buried in the monastery. According to legend, one year after the burial of the tomb began to beat the healing spring. A 1648 image of John Dukla allegedly saved from destruction by the troops of Lions Khmelnitsky. In 1733, Pope Clement XII beatification did John (beatified), and in 1739 he was declared patron of Poland and Lithuania. In 1995, John of Dukla was canonized. Now it is a full-fledged saint.

For a long time Bernardine monastery buildings were wooden. Only in the early 17th century, the construction of the stone church, cells and outbuildings. Outside the monastery was surrounded by high walls, which are included in the system of the city walls. In the center of the wall erected a high tower, called Glinyanskaya. The tower and the wall still exist.

Монастырь Бернардинцев

View of the monastery complex of City Hall

Монастырь Бернардинцев Монастырь Бернардинцев

Монастырь Бернардинцев Монастырь Бернардинцев

Monastery bell

Foundation of the monastery became a great church, which played the original plan Bernardine monk Bernard Avellides. The architect of the building until 1618 was Paul Roman. After his death, construction continued Ambrose Supportive. In general, it lasted from 1600 to 1630 years. Catholic church dedicated to the Apostle Andrew.

The height of the church is 22 meters, the length of 57.5 meters. The temple itself synthesizes the Italian and the German-Netherlands architectural styles. Attached to the building 38 meters high tower with a clock tower (architect Andreas Boehmer). Clock was installed in 1753.

Catholic greatly esteemed Polish gentry. Perhaps this can be attributed to a luxury (just pompous) interior of the church. This is a must see ... That there is only one set of paintings! And in the temple is an old organ pipes by 1700.

Монастырь Бернардинцев Монастырь Бернардинцев

Скульптурне оздоблення

Монастырь Бернардинцев Монастырь Бернардинцев

Монастырь Бернардинцев

The rear courtyard of the monastery and the wall

Next to the church bell tower stands another - much simpler and more modest. It was built in 1734. For a long time here hanging bell cast in 1588.

In the courtyard of the monastery is the rotunda over the well. The paintings of the dome of this structure tell about the life of John Dukla. And next - is preserved in the Cathedral Square tower, which once crowned sculpture (statue) of this saint. But now, on a pillar vase.

They say that the church is very beautiful at night is illuminated. Illuminations created in 2008. But I, unfortunately, it did not see (did not know about it). So there is another opportunity to visit the darkly dreamlike monastery asylum. While still in Lviv legends that local people were not Bernardine poor and far from ascetic. They even dug an underground passage to the neighboring convent of Poor Clares (now the Museum Pinzel) to run to the nuns. This course exists today.

Монастырь Бернардинцев

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