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Vladimirsky Cathedral

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 18 July 2011

Володимирський собор

St. Vladimir's Cathedral is located near the metro station "University" at Boulevard Shevchenko 20. This is one of the few temples so-called "new buildings" which were not destroyed in Soviet times.

The idea of building the temple in Kiev, dedicated prince Vladimir, Metropolitan Filaret Amfiteatrov matured. He initiated the construction of the temple fundraiser, which began in 1852. Drafting Cathedral commissioned the famous architect of that time Ivan Shtromu. Sketching the future of the cathedral by Emperor Nicholas the First. The project cathedral was to have thirteen domes and huge size.

Володимирський собор


Володимирський собор

St. Vladimir's Cathedral in the early XX century

The fundraising continued until 1859. During this time, collected 100 thousand rubles. In addition Lavra donated about one million bricks from his own brick factory. But this was not enough for the grand project of John Shtrom. In view of this project decided to redesign the cathedral - to reduce the size of the building and number of baths. The author of the new project, which left only seven domes of the cathedral, the diocesan architect was Paul Sparro. But to further the project Sparro refused because management of the project commissioned the famous architect Alexander Beretta. Beretta proposed to increase the linear mashtab buildings in half, so the volume increase was threefold.

Closing of the cathedral took place in 1862. Some time construction prosuvalosya successfully. But in 1864, started having problems with arches, which did not survive its own weight and parted. Began the destruction of the unfinished building. Architect accused workers who behaved with reckless construction. There began the long search for culprits. Architect desperately fought against the critics, but his reputation did not help, because to identify the causes of the accident was sent to Kyiv John Shtrom. Finally, Beretta removed from the construction.

Володимирський собор


Володимирський собор


Work stopped, because no one dared to take responsibility for their continuation. The walls could hardly stand, and they were strengthened by buttresses. This sad procrastination only 1875, when Emperor Alexander II arrived to Kyiv, saw the unfinished site. Instantly extra money was found, and came to the city of world renown expert - a scientist, builder of St. Petersburg Bernhard Rudolf. His figures became the basis for further construction. The walls of the cathedral protected from falling by special porches - buttresses. As for a responsible builder, he proposed his pupil, 28-year-old Vladimir Nikolayev, who recently was appointed diocesan architect of Kiev. Young architect perfectly coped with difficult tasks. In 1882 the building was actually over. Remained interior of the cathedral.

Володимирський собор

Princess Olga

Володимирський собор

Prince Volodymyr

Renowned expert in art history and archeology professor Adrian Prahov was crazy turning the cathedral into the treasury of modern religious art. Almost all took his idea seriously. But Prakhov using St. Petersburg in 1885 managed to occupy the post of head of the decoration of the cathedral. He invited the best specialists to work: Viktor Vasnetsov and Mikhail Nesterov, brothers Alexander and Paul Svyedomskyh, William Kotarbinskoho, Michael Wrubel, Ukrainian artists Pymonenka and Sergey Kostenko. And it was not possible. Despite the chronic shortage of funds because of complaints about alleged excessive bold creativity of artists and very long period of painting - 11 years, Prahova plan was implemented. Painting the cathedral with high craftsmanship, extraordinary emotional tension and the true historic environment soon became a work of monumental art of the nineteenth century.

Володимирський собор

Володимирський собор

Володимирський собор

Murals of the temple

ВаснецовThis veVasnetsovlychnyy temple started functioning from September 1896. It was built in Russian style psevdovizantiyskomu.

Vasnetsov's painting belongs to the main nave of the cathedral, which, in addition to religious subjects, a large place occupied by historical songs - "Baptism of Rus", "Baptism of Vladimir," portraits of canonized saints: Vladimir, Andrew Bogolyubsky, Alexander Nevsky, Princess Olga, and others.

In Vladimir's Cathedral today are relics of Varvara, relikviyar which in the 18th century produced Kyiv goldsmith Samiylo Rostov, and the relics of St. Macarius.

Володимирський собор

Володимирський собор

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