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St. Panteleimon Nunnery

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 18 July 2011

Feofania - this country, and last village on the southern outskirts of Kiev (now in Goloseyevsky area). Located between Holosievo, attics, and Pirogovo Zotov. Previously known as Feofania Shahraivschina later Lazarovschina. Here lived a pious beekeeper Lazarus. Lazarovschina belonged Pechersk monastery, later became the property of the Metropolitan of Kiev - Peter Graves (1632-1647 gg.) Sylvester and Kosovo (1647-1657 gg.) Latest Feofaniya gave their home an official from whom it was taken over by the monastery of St. Sophia. In 1776 she was selected to the treasury.

Свято-Пантелиймонівський собор

Saint Panteleymon nunnery


In 1800, Bishop Theophanes Lazarovschinoy interested Shiyanov - vicar of the Metropolitan of Kiev and of the Holy Monastery of St. Michael's. In the same year began the construction of a country house and the vicar of the church in honor of the miracle of the Archangel Michael. Construction was completed in 1803. The then Metropolitan of Kiev Gabriel blessed land called Feofania. In addition to the church and the vicar of Theophany House were also built facilities for the brethren and farm buildings.

Свято-Пантелеймонівський собор

Свято-Пантелиймонівський собор

Свято-Пантелеймонівський собор
Свято-Пантелеймонівський собор

Свято-Пантелеймонівський собор

Saint Panteleymon Cathedral

However, the transfer of Bishop Theophanes to another area the department has come to desolation. In the years 1836-1841 as vicar and rector of St. Michael Monastery was Innocent, who loved Feofaniya for the opportunity to be alone. All the hills, hollows, creeks and ponds received the Gospel from him the title. To all the beautiful places were laid out paths, pavilions arranged. The next twenty years vicars were not interested in this area.

Свято-Пантелиймонівський собор

Свято-Пантелеймонівський собор

Свято-Пантелеймонівський собор


The revival of the Theophany began in 1861 when Bishop Seraphim (Aretinsky), rector of St. Michael Monastery, decided to create this small monastery and requested that it experienced elder celibate priest Boniface. Previously built the temple and the premises have been renovated, near the temple there was a wooden belfry.

Свято-Пантелеймонівський собор


In 1865 o.Vonifaty began to build a new summer home for the vicar, and in 1867 on the site of an old house built a new stone church of All Saints.

In the early twentieth century, Theophany was 22 to 70 monks and novices. In the monastery there were 4 of the temple: the Miracle of the Archangel Michael, All Saints, the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God and the new Cathedral of Great Martyr. Panteleimon (1910).



Vsihsvyatska church and convent cell

July 1, 1901 the Holy Synod - reporting Theognost Eminence, Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia, the result of the application Reverend Sergius, Bishop of Uman, the abbot of the Kiev Monastery of St. Michael - defined: Monastic dormitory "Feofania" and that "there is near Kiev, in turn cenobitic men's monastery, with a note thereof in the Kiev monastery of St. Michael's. "Until now, the monastery was Feofania farm in a country house, villa vikariatskom Reverend Rector of St. Michael Monastery and must have been according to the monastery. From now on there is a skit Feofania own funds.


Arhiereyskyy house

Panteleimon Cathedral was built in 1910-12 by architect EF Ermakov. Cathedral in the 1920s, was shut down and looted. For a time it housed an orphanage. After the war, the monastery functioned for a while again, but at the end of the 1940s, the monastery and church itself came under the leadership of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In cells constructed and installed in the cathedral of the first Soviet computers, which worked on the development of academician Lebedev (named in honor of his street, which goes to the monastery).

Now the monastery has a nice modern look. Especially cells that have little resemblance to the cells. Near the monastery is a park-monument of landscape architecture "Feofania", which has an area of 152 hectares.

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