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East Ukraine



Written by Administrator

Posted on 18.07.11


Trebukhiv village situated 2 km east of Brovary. Has Village Council. According to legend, the village was founded by a man whose last name is necessary. In times of Kievan Rus in place Trebuhova stood Ivanichi settlement that destroyed the Tatar-Mongols. Trebukhiv was founded in the XIV century. Now living in the village of more than 6500 people.

Покровська церква

Holy Protection Church. Photo Roman Malenkov

Holy Protection Church built in 1905-11, respectively. In a typical architecture of some churches. Officially not a monument of architecture.

Покровська церква
But writing guide: Twelve tracks Kiev. - K. Grani-T, 2008. Authors: Roman Malenkov and Oleg hour.
"Route E-95 is sent to the northeast, toward Brovarov. On the bypass road that goes around this regional center from the south, should return to Trebukhiv - a large village with a population of nearly 6500 people. According to legend, the name comes from the surname of housekeeper Kiev prison should be, who allegedly helped escape several prisoners and he joined them. Along with their families fugitives established settlements here. In XIV-XVI centuries, the surrounding lands belonged to the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, and then became a monastic village-Cossack .
In the center stands a wooden Trebuhova Holy Protection church with bell attached. Put it in the early twentieth century. (1905-1911 biennium) In Trebukhiv still was a temple, too, Cossack, but it was demolished during church reform, if conducted the struggle with ethnic features in the architecture of Ukrainian Orthodox Church. But the abiding tradition and, fortunately, the new church has the same characteristics, and destroyed.
The present building of Holy Protection Church seems enormous. Huge and simple, like the construction of more guided by principles of rationality than splendor and vytiyuvatosti. This is especially true of the lower house. But the relatively small dome (of five) and the upper tier of the belfry decorated, enhanced by different colors. "

Покровська церква

Ukraine - East Ukraine

Merry Hill, Lugansk


Written by Administrator

Posted on 16.07.11

In the village with art-house title "Merry Mount" near Lugansk, near the city of happiness are interesting monuments of history. They are interested in its origin and architecture of uncharacteristic areas in which there are. Here in the late 18th century were built the church and the mansion. Both buildings are in dilapidated condition. And although the church is now restored, the house represents a historical value despite the fact that the estates were built at the time of model projects, and remains in the ruins of wildly growing vegetation.

So. Merry Mountain Village as well as present-day city was founded Aleksandrovsk youzbashi Konstantin Nikolaevich. As a rank-giving about 1775, he received 9600 acres of land between the rivers. Seversky Donets and in Lugan Slavyanoserbsk (Donetsk), Azov district (then Ekaterinoslav) province, where he settled down and settled the above towns, which created the palaces and parks, and built a church - the Annunciation in Mount Gay (1776-1777) and the Ascension in Aleksandrovka (1785-1791).
Himself youzbashi KN came from Serbian Granichar in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, one of the first military settlers Slavyanoserbii. About youzbashi positions occupied by the data almost did not survive. We only know that in 1757 he was a captain of the regiment Shevicha, in 1767 g - Prime Minister Major-Bahmutskiy Hussars, in 1777 lieutenant-colonel in 1778, Colonel of this regiment. In 1781 with the rank of brigadier, and he resigned.

1. Holy Annunciation Church which is currently under restoration. And the service are in the house nearby.

2. A fragment of the estate. In Soviet times the building was given over to children's health camp "Seagull", a result of which there was a significant interior and exterior remodeling.

In general, we note that the palace and park complex in the Mount Gay could be quite an interesting tour of the prospective component of the Lugansk region. In fact as the other estates are preserved in the region also could become a mass trend for intra-regional tourism and, last but not least, become a serious alternative to the archaic excursions which are organized by now for students because these trips have long been obsolete and do not able to interest a wide range of people.
Only in the present area residents who have lived here most of his life begin to learn about such places as for example estate Mstsihovskogo because during the Soviet era and, if given any building architectural monument status, it is still referred to him disparagingly extremely organized and there various clinics. However, due to its marginality all of these estates have significant potential for tourism.

Ukraine - East Ukraine

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