Lviv is the city of Middle Age spirits, beautiful architecture, coffee houses and cosmopolitan character. The city- legend, the city- novel, you can read it page by page and do not want to stop. The weather could be rainy, people might be strange, but the coffee cakes and architecture are as worth as everywhere in the popular European tourist destinations.

Lviv is the city of contrast. Cultural inheritance of the city was created by representatives of all the nations which used to live in Lviv in different times. They were Ukrainians, Poles, Austrians, Germans, Italians, Greeks, Armenians and Jews. The unusual blend of cultures and styles creates Lviv unique atmosphere. In architectural and historical sense Lviv is a precious museum of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and modern times. Owing to its rich architecture, in 1998 Lviv downtown was included into the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With each new owner the city got new name: Lviv, Lwów, Leopolis, Lemberg. But Lviv has a very distinct identity. To really feel it you need to take a walk through the narrow Lviv streets to feel old coble-stones under your feet, to listen to organ music or choir singing in old cathedrals and have a cup of excellent coffee in one of Lviv famous coffee houses.

Lviv is one of the biggest cities of Ukraine, its important political, cultural, educational, trading, art and tourist center. Lviv is the main city of Lviv oblast (region) which has a population of more than 2.6 million people and covers a landmass of 22 million hectares. More than 850,000 people live here and about 200,000 of employees and students from Lviv countryside come to the city every day.

Today Lviv is a treasury of national ideas, cultural, art, and intellectual life. A lot of museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas and music halls are situated there. Lviv houses 27 higher educational establishments and has a reputation of a city with high level of culture. One the oldest universities in Central Europe and the first one in Ukraine is located in Lviv.
On June, 2009 the Ukrainian magazine Focus assessed Lviv as the best Ukrainian city to live in.