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Oreanda. Quietest corner of the south shore of the royal church

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 16 July 2011

Last Updated 16 July 2011

Personally, I place the name Oreanda was known by the brand of wine. Though the name is quite rich, some foreign-language, though it left the Mediterranean coast. So I thought a long time that Oreanda somewhere, because on the map of Crimea, I simply could not see. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that Oreanda, like most of the Crimean names is of ancient origin (probably more Tavriis'ke) and is found in written documents during 1380 we have over the years.


Intercession Church (1885)

In the late 18th century, the lands around the Tatar village Uryandy liked Count Potocki. It is believed that he bought them, but that's interesting to me, who? Got one word for ownership. But even more liked this area the Emperor Alexander I. He redeemed himself Uryandu. After his death, area, called Oreanda, inherited the new Emperor Nicholas I. He built this palace in 1852 (construction lasted almost 10 years) and gave his illness to his wife - Alexander Fodorovnye. The palace was simply magnificent, designed by his famous architect AI Shtakenshnayder. Wife held in Oreanda a long time. For her, except Imperial Palace, known by gardeners Kebaha Delinhera and created a beautiful park, who is now a decoration Oreanda. Particularly impressive ratings giant plane - one of the largest and oldest in the Crimea (its height, and 30 circumference 6.5 meters). Park visited by many famous and prominent people, including writers A. Chekhov (the hero of "Ladies of sobachkoy" on the bench at Protection Church in Oreanda meditated for zhyst), L. Tolstoy, A. Hairy, S. Marshak, singers and actors I. Kozlovsky, R. Plyatt, M. Ulyanov, M. Wilkens, M. Puhovkin; poets E. Evtushenko, Voznesensky, scientists Kurchatov, Lev Landau, A. Tupolev. Was here the famous author of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 'Mark Twain.



Intercession church on the photo early 20th century.


Ореанда Ореанда


Emperor Nicholas I died in 1855, the Empress went through it for five years. After that inherited the estate in Oreanda their son - Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich. '20, He enjoyed a magnificent palace, but in 1881 was the last for the building - through the dramatic accident occurred a terrible fire and burned the palace. Prince had no funds for its reconstruction, so I decided to somehow apply the stones of the palace: "That's Mother I received the Palace Beautiful, no more than ego, ego vosstanavlyvat I will never be in condition. Let the same from the ego ostatkov sozyzhdetsya temple of God. " Thus in Oreanda in 1885 was a beautiful church of the Holy Virgin.

Prince decided that highlands Oreanda work best house in the Georgian-Byzantine style. The author was the project architect A. Avdeev. The church got a small but luxurious (and not surprising, because the customer was the representative of royal family). The paintings of famous artists performed it D. Grimm and M. Vasilevykh, author of Mosaic was the Italian A. Salviatti. The ability to not lose brightness mosaic of colors over time, amazed Constantin Nikolayevicha, which is why the temple was just saturated mosaic masterpieces. Unfortunately most of the mosaics of the temple were killed in Soviet times.




Ореанда Ореанда


Bell Tower and monument to John Kronstadt

Prince could not naraduvatys newly built house, "I dolzhen soznatsya that the church vpolne me voshyschaet and proportsyonalnostyu svoyh of all forms of his total ensemble. Style vыderzhan perfectly, and she delaet impression, you can say, arhaycheskoe - yzyaschnoy and blahorodnoy prostotoy ...». That it seemed to me, especially with solar (royal) tracks.

After the death of Constantin Nikolayevicha Oreanda passed to his sons, and they sold the estate of Emperor Alexander III for his son, Nikolai.

Nicholas II is often seen in Oreanda: praying in a church, park and walking trails, which was built for the Romanov family and their connected the estates in Livadia, Oreanda, Gaspra and Koreiz. Now this trail is called the Solar and was once the king's.




The ruins of the royal palace and besidka-napivrotonda over them (against the king's tracks). Photo early. 20.



In the 20 years of Protection Church decided to make a museum, but a terrible earthquake in 1927 did not give these plans were realized, since the church was heavily damaged. Therefore, all decide to demolish the temple. For some reason not demolished, but was closed a long time.

In the 50s there was a new order for demolition of the temple in Oreanda, which "prevented" the architectural ensemble of the sanatorium "Oreanda" built from the ruins of the royal palace. But historians vstupylys for church and have achieved recognition of its historical significance. The temple is torn down, deciding to use it for the benefit of the economy - at the staged composition of pesticides, and vehicle maintenance yard.

Protection Church Restoration began in 1992 - just when the church gave parishioners. Currently (2011), he is in excellent condition.


Michael Church on the Upper Oreanda

I want to note that Oreanda - whether quietest corner of the south coast. No crowds of tourists, nor the thousands of cars and incredible gas contamination (such as in Miskhor or Alupka). Quiet and cozy. At the top stands a gazebo-napivrotonda (architectural monument of 19th century.) Tracks for solar, even higher shine bath luxury newly built St. Michael's church (something like Foros Church). Nearby are trendy and Livadia Mishor, Swallow's Nest and the Vorontsov Palace. In short piece of paradise.

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