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Nikita Botanical Gardens

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Written by Administrator

Posted on 01 April 2011

Last Updated 01 April 2011

Nikita Botanical Gardens25

Nikita Botanical Gardens - National Research Center (NBS-NSC) was founded in 1812 and is one of the oldest research institutions in our country.

The founder of the Garden - a prominent biologist of the XIX century Christian Hristianovich Steven. From the earliest days of the Garden was designed to facilitate the accelerated development of agriculture south of the country based on the introduction and acclimatization, selection and dissemination of southern fruit, flower, ornamental, new technologies, medicines and other useful plants, study and use of local plant resources.

In order to get rich quick scheme of domestic agricultural production with new plants, the founders of the Garden was established strong business and scientific ties with leading botanical institutions in Europe, Asia and America. This allowed us to gather here a unique collection of species, varieties and forms of different cultures.26

Currently, the collection of garden there are more than 1.125 different species: 450 - from south-east Asia, 336 - from the Mediterranean, 238 - from North America. There are representatives of South America, South Africa and New Zealand.

27Pride of the Nikita Botanical Gardens of arboretum, where there are more than 1.700 varieties and forms of trees and shrubs collected from all over the world. The park is planted with over 600 forms and varieties of flowers and about 250 species of greenhouse plants. Seaside housed the world's largest collection of assorted roses, which are about 1.600 of domestic and foreign varieties.

Arboretums collection of garden is known far beyond Russia and Ukraine. More than 400 scientific institutions from 48 countries are in constant correspondence with the Crimean scientists. Annually with a rich collection of Nikita Botanical Gardens are introduced over 300 thousand tourists.

In the farm garden includes several parks: the Lower, Upper, Seaside Park and Cape Montodor. Geographically, these parks are not related.

Lower Park - the Most old part of the Nikita Botanical Gardens, founded in landscape style, even when the founder of Garden Stevenin. The initial project is to be free placement of plants in combination with lawns and viewing sites. This character placement managed to keep some near the entrance to the Lower Park. Swimming here is filled with white and pink water lilies, lotus, Caspian and other aquatic plants. Evergreen broadleaf plants, palms and bamboos give this cozy park exotic character. On the northern slope of the park pool built in the form of the original cascade.28

Upper Park - is relatively quiet part of the slope in the central part of the Nikita Botanical Gardens. Bookmark it relates to the middle of last century. In developing the plan involved a well-known parkostroitel Arnold Regel. Numerous avenues of the park framed by a border of buksusa, honeysuckle, lavender, aspiridy, wisteria, retaining walls and pergola adorned with green cascading Chinese and climbing roses.

Seaside Park was built over eighty years ago. The southern part of the garden, sheltered from cold north and north-easterly winds Cape Marian, is well suited for growing heat-loving plants. The park is planted with many plants, previously grown only in a greenhouse. Rare Plants of Japan, China and the Mediterranean give the park a special charm. Noteworthy is a large collection of palms and a group of Japanese kriptomerii elegant.29

Walking along the paths of green array Nikita Botanical Gardens will give an idea of ​​his wealth. Examination starts from the stalls before the main building in the Upper Park. There are grown veerolistnye Chinese palm, cultivated in the garden since 1860 and has since spread throughout the Southern coast of Crimea. About 160 years ago, there were planted stone pine (stone-pine) and the cedars of Lebanon. These representatives of softwood imported into the garden the first of the Mediterranean, the second from the mountains of Asia Minor. If you go down from here down the stone stairs to the right you can see a rocky hill, located on the background of imported here from the Atlas Mountains blue-gray cedar.

Over the alley you can see the largest tree Nikitsky garden - a giant sequoia, or Mamontovo tree. Its height is over 35 meters, diameter of 1.6 meters, although it was only 110 years. At home these beautiful giants of the Sierra Nevada in California, there are some instances in height and 142 meters in diameter, 12-16 feet. These trees live for about 4.000 years.

Nikita Botanical garden is beautiful any time of year. February - time of the Crimean white snowdrops and fragrant violets. In late March, there are the first soft light leaves on trees and bushes. Hazel, alder, poplar prinaryazhivayutsya a fluffy long earrings. Light haze of flowers covered almonds, wild plum, and dogwood. And finally, May - lush flowering time. The entire park from the stunted shrubs to giant trees covered with multicolored carpet of flowers.

In the summer heat well in the shady alleys of the park among cedars and firs, a cool pool with water lilies. The air is filled with the subtle aroma of acacia Lankaran. And yet it is autumn in the Crimea is the best time of year. That here and there in the greenery of the park bursts into gold or bronze fading foliage. Some plants still continue to bloom, at others appearing seeds and berries of various colors and bizarre shapes.30

In those rare winter when heavy snow falls, the park is like a fairyland. On the green curb and exotic fan palms are fluffy white caps of snow ...
How to get there - Nikita Botanical Gardens?

Nikita Botanical Garden is located in a 9-km east of Yalta. From the central ware market by bus number 34 or a taxi to stop the Nikita Botanical Gardens.

With a trolleybus station by trolleybus № 2, to reach the final stop and the scenic path down to the Nikita Botanical Garden. Return to Yalta better get on the boat. You will go down even lower, the beaches and take a fascinating walk along the coast by boat.

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